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Rent The Runway

I like to have as many options for outfits as is possible for the approximately 700 square feet I have to work with in this studio, but for specific styling ideas, I just can't keep as many sizes and looks in stock for my guests as I would like to have available at any given time. This is where Rent the Runway comes in - as a wonderful option for guests who would like a special outfit to wear for their photo session, but may not want to drop a ton of money for clothing and accessories they may not wear again.

**Note to those who may be interested in utilizing this service, but would like their orders shipped directly to the studio - I provide shopping services!** All I need are your measurements, and a brief exchange to understand the look you would like to achieve. What I really like about this company is the variety in sizes they carry (up to 22), and that you can view what they have in stock for a given date in the future, and also run deep sales on gently used items from their collection! How cool is that?!

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