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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The last couple of years have been challenging. After surviving two years of heavy restrictions in how we engage with the world, a new-found sense of inspiration has led me to try and reestablish what has been started here, and to continue to provide a fun and supportive space where men can explore and express the feminine within.

World Peace = everyone gets a photoshoot. Lol A thousand times YES. Who are you - really...? I'd like to visually delve into this topic with you. And while we're at it, let's make some art!

Ideas I've had for photoshoots I want to do:

  • Western themed: I already have red fringed bra and 1950's toy guns

  • America 1960's - because the outfits were awesome then. Also the politics.

  • Anything Victorian. I'm obsessed with handmade lace and tintypes

  • 1970s motel. Have a local one on Snelling Avenue in mind. Still features a sign for "color TV"

  • Faerie in a mine. (I try to forget this one but keeps showing up)

  • Pinup! How would you like to have a framed, pastel painting of yourself as a pinup girl...?? I can, and would love the opportunity to do this for you.

I'd love to hear your ideas! Tired of basic backdrops - let's tell your stories!



I like to have as many options for outfits as is possible for the approximately 700 square feet I have to work with in this studio, but for specific styling ideas, I just can't keep as many sizes and looks in stock for my guests as I would like to have available at any given time. This is where Rent the Runway comes in - as a wonderful option for guests who would like a special outfit to wear for their photo session, but may not want to drop a ton of money for clothing and accessories they may not wear again.

**Note to those who may be interested in utilizing this service, but would like their orders shipped directly to the studio - I provide shopping services!** All I need are your measurements, and a brief exchange to understand the look you would like to achieve. What I really like about this company is the variety in sizes they carry (up to 22), and that you can view what they have in stock for a given date in the future, and also run deep sales on gently used items from their collection! How cool is that?!


Hello Lovelies!

I have taken a long hiatus - nearly two years with the onset of the pandemic. I want to apologize for my slowness in responding to inquiries and messages. There has been quite a learning curve involved in restoring my studio to minimally operational - the goal here is fully functional! I have spent the last week re-familiarizing myself with the biz, updating the website, and learning new ways of doing things to follow software changes over the past couple of years.

This week will be about getting back in touch: returning messages and phone calls. I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely faces again soon! Thank you for being so patient.

❤️ 🦋 ✨


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