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Thanks for stopping by! I'm Rebecca ~ makeup artist, photographer and creator of La Femme Mystique gender transformation and portrait studio. This spring (2022) we are celebrating our  ninth year of helping people explore the feminine within. In this span of time I've been fortunate to meet and get to know some of the loveliest individuals ever! This enterprise began somewhat casually - I wanted to do something outside of what was then my day job that put my actual skills (playing dress-up lol) to use doing something I enjoyed. I didn't expect it to turn into much, or to have had any of the wonderful experiences with people that I have, but LFM has really become something special to me... I am happy browsing through the archives to be reminded of what loveliness we've brought forth in the past,  and look forward to seeing how our work here evolves in the future.


The process: Portraits are a collaborative endeavor. My aim is that the model and I achieve a balance between honest representation and an idealized aesthetic; that together we  bring out and capture the character and beauty that is unique to each and every one of us. I retouch photographs by hand (without the use of filters) with a focus  on editing out only distractions. I don't believe in changing the way people look - the essence of personality must really shine through! I admire and have great respect for the crossdressing and transgender community, finding magic in each stage of the process of transformation - I become inspired with the possibilities in every new face! I'm honored to participate in  the journey - whether it's in a spirit of playfulness and fun, or as part of a deeper exploration of self.  I feel we've done good work if by the end of the session we have been able to feel only joy in discovery of a new facet of the rare, sparkling diamonds that we are!  Be sure to check out the "Calendar Starlets"  section of this site... this is where we feature an LFM Starlet who is invited to share with us whatever she likes!    ♕  

The "Starlet Sessions" makeup transformation and portrait photography services most often take place in my studio in the Carlton Artist Lofts (anchor of the community of artists that work and reside in the "Creative Enterprise Zone"  on University Avenue in St. Paul, MN).  It is a historical building with lots of interesting architectural elements to add visual interest to backgrounds in photographs. But - I absolutely  love shooting in new spaces and places and am happy to travel for on-location makeovers and/or photoshoots!


Located on the Green Line light rail system, the studio is in close proximity to the Black Hart bar  (formerly the Townhouse, one of the oldest drag clubs in the state), a handful of breweries (including Surly, Lake Monster and Urban Growler:), cultural institutions (Can Can Wonderland is brand new, completely awesome and two blocks away)  and highly acclaimed dining establishments within walking distance. 


At this time LFM works primarily with the Merle Norman  cosmetics line (fun fact: Merle was a woman who established her brand in the early 20th century!), but are simultaneously moving towards aligning ourselves with cosmetic companies who aspire to a zero waste product line. We have a collection of feminine clothes, wigs, and accessories for use during sessions, but clients may bring what they have, and/or shopping services are available. Spontaneous collaborative creative decision making is welcome and encouraged! 

Let's create some magic :)  ❤︎



Note: more of my work can be found at

My inner diva manifested via makeup! 💋

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