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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: ​Do I need to bring anything?

​A: Nope. Unless you want to go out on the town afterwards. We have a fair-sized collection of dresses in various sizes ranging from 6-20 which is always expanding. We also have wigs, shoes, brassieres, corsets, breast forms, jewelry and even some glamorous hats :). If you are like me - a total lingerie junky - for the most personal and delicate of undergarments, I would encourage you to bring your own or hire me to shop specifically for you. I always think it's fun when people do bring along what they have; the more stuff we have to pull a look together the better - I love and encourage the process of collaboration!

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for my session?

A:  I would like you to have the best session ever, and to achieve this it is helpful for me to know where you are on your journey - i.e. if this is completely new to you and just for fun, or maybe more than that is an exploration of identity... whatever you feel comfortable sharing with me is good. Also, shower, clean and shave your face, and if possible, wax or shave chest, arms and legs (this greatly expands our styling options :), pedicures are nice but not necessary. It's helpful for me to know your size (measurements - height, weight, chest, waist, hips, shoe size - you can find a fun video on taking measurements here, and here) before we meet so I have everything prepared as well as possible before your arrival. If you are interested in the portrait photography session, please click here to see this great tutorial on posing beautifully for pictures.   


Q: What days of the week and hours are open for scheduling sessions?

A:  Currently, I can be available any day of the week with between 2-3 weeks notice ahead of the date you would like to reserve. Let me know the date you are interested in scheduling on the initial email or contact form.

Q: I need to be discreet about this - will it be possible to completely remove makeup before I leave? Will every aspect of this session be confidential - including my photographs if I choose to have them taken?


A: ​I will give you a final look-over to make sure every last speck of glitter is off of your face before you leave if it is your wish to do so :).  Confidentiality is very important to many of my clients - no photographs shot during a Starlet Session are displayed on this website or anywhere else without consent. Signed confidentiality agreements are available.

Q: Are you available for out-of-studio, on-location shoots?
A: Sure! Via the "Mustang Sally" photo session. After the initial email contact we can chat about your ideas and can hash out the details over the phone.

Q: May I choose to leave dressed in feminine clothes?

A: Yes - absolutely! Of course you may bring your own, have us shop for you, or rent one from the studio (a select few outfits will be available for this purpose). LFM is located in a safe, creative and trans-friendly neighborhood called the St. Anthony Park Arts District, which shares a border between Minneapolis and St. Paul.  The Black Heart (formerly the Townhouse Bar), home of the oldest drag show in the Twin Cities -  is located minutes from the LFM studio on University Avenue!  

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